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Board Search & Selection
Board searches for owners, nomination committees, & founders. Rachel is agile and has an outstanding ability to deliver results of high quality and to engage clients and candidates alike.

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Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching up & coming NEDS, entrpreneurs, owners, investors, senior corporate executives making transition to active board work, holistic life/career coaching, Women back to work, Women senior executives, mentoring young entrepreneurs.

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Board & Executive Assessment
Montagu offers boards in depth assessments using audits, references, interviews, and collaborates with the following highly qualified and carefully selected partners and associates

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Coach and Advisory

Rachel has developed her headhunting business into a coach advisory business. Executive coaching, life coaching, Board advisory & Search, Career,transition, speaker, and workshops. She is a Certified international board director and member of ICF international coaching federation. Her clients are Nordic, European, US, Asia-Pacific.