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Executive coaching

To Whom it May Concern,
I have known Rachel for five years; and she has provided excellent mentoring and executive coaching support for me during the last two years.
 Rachel’s mentoring approach is subtle but highly effective. I can honestly say that working with Rachel has delivered a step-change in my career prospects, income level and professional confidence.
 My discussions with Rachel helped me to focus not just on my core skills, but on targeting the type of work I enjoy best. This has helped me to develop a more strategic approach to building a portfolio of very rewarding board and advisory roles. Learning from her personal approach has also improved my own coaching and mentoring skills, enabling me to provide better support to the senior management teams with which I work.
 Having Rachel as a trusted, professional confidante and sounding board has also helped me to manage some of the challenging situations I have faced as Chairman and Advisor. One of the strongest benefits of working with Rachel is having someone whose sole interest is in supporting your professional development, which has proven invaluable.
 Beyond her evidence strengths as a mentor; Rachel is exceptionally well connected and has introduced me to several brilliant new contacts. She is also good fun and interesting, so our sessions are always something to look forward to.  
 I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough as an outstanding coach and mentor.
Yours faithfully,

Dr. Sian George, Non-Executive Director, Chairman and Investor.


Rachel presents herself with highly professionalism yet a very approachable manner. Her coaching method is deeply imbedded in her philosophy of finding one’s self in life and career, which will ultimately lead to a sense of fulfillment in his/her own being.
 Though by no means senior in age, Rachel combines her well trained mind and her innate ability to gain quick understanding of her client’s particular issues and challenges. She is a good listener with a sharp analytical eye for core concerns.
 Rachel worked with some experienced and sophisticated clients who had already accomplished certain goals in life and established their own worldview, where she must navigate with subtlety and sensitivity. This is where she is at her best, in identifying the possible missing links which once connected, would lead her clients in the direction of rediscovering themselves, in the meantime, enhancing the effectiveness of her coaching tools.
Her openness, friendliness, insightful thoughts and ideas, and respectful demeanor towards her clients are her winning qualities that make her a personable, inspiring, and often instant adviser.

From a client in Washington D.C., USA


‘Rachel’s breadth of experience across industries & cultures combined with a deep understanding of individual and team dynamics enables her to bring out the best in those she works with. A steely determination matched with warmth and empathy makes her one of  life’s good people, creating connections and bringing people together…. the more deeply immersed you are, the more profound the result, I feel refreshed!’
Jeff Conrad Scott, CEO Santander Asset management, UK

Executive and Board coaching

"Rachel has a unique combined expertise in corporate governance in leadership development both at executive and board levels.  Our coaching sessions have been truly insightful and has allowed me to grow in my board leadership roles.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to any executive or board director looking forward to develop to the next level."

Alberto Mendez Rebollo, CPO Vattenfall


"Rachel is a connector par excellence, always willing to put her impressive international network in service to a good cause.  She is a true Sister."
Roz Savage, MBE, Author, Speaker, Ocean Rower, Founder of the Sisters, Global Yale World Fellow


I have been working with Rachel for several years, this has helped me develop both my business strategy and decision making skills. In a business environment of constant change, Rachel has helped me navigate and innovate my thinking to make quick decisions to drive growth.
Mark Whitehead, President & Managing Director Asia Pacific

Connector/Board Search

Rachel's approach is thorough and extremely people oriented; she stands out.
Susanne Munch Thore, Partner, Chairperson, NED

Connector/Board Search

Having known Rachel for over 10 years I have experienced Rachel's ability in building relationships internationally. She has a strong network in Private Equity and with entrepreneurs. She is a smart international networker.
Barbara Milian Thoralfsson, NED, Chair, Industrial advisor, US/Europe


"Working with Rachel as a mentor really takes you out of your bounds and projects you where you should be. With sharp, elegant  and wise perception of people, she really diagnoses the truë you and drives yourself towards the elevated game plan… and we go without feeling. Perfect combination of “brave and brains”,  unusual in the market. Fast and precise on actions, perfect balance of push and pull… never seen before. The total value of  Rachel Montagu’s company maybe is still untapped.”
Luiz Alberto Novaes

Coaching 2019 - 2021

I worked with Rachel to help define my personal purpose and articulate how I would translate that both professionally and personally.  I found Rachel to be professional, sharp, interesting and kind.  She asked candid questions that helped me review many things differently.  Rachel was happy to leverage her own network to help assist me.  I really enjoyed working with Rachel and would highly recommend her to others.  
Britt Burnett, NED Unite 2030, Ambassador Global Girl project, Ex senior leader, Shell Europe


Rachel has been mentoring me for 5 years. We were matched up when I finished my Princes Trust program where she volunteers as a mentor and she looked after me so well that I asked to carry on working with her once that collaboration was meant to be done. She is a wealth of knowledge and has supported me through some really tough years professionally and personally. I couldn't think of any one more compassionate and dedicated to her mentees. She's always got time to listen, and does so really attentively, hearing between the lines as well, offering emotional guidance in addition to business pointers. She is able to pick you up and uplift you no matter the situation. I have always left my meetings with her buoyed and determined to face challenges. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. 

Fiona Cross, Owner of Fiona Cross Management

Board Search & coaching Services

Over 20 years of building professional services, headhunting  and advisory work in UK, Nordics and Europe. Rachel Montagu runs board searches to tight deadlines when necessary. Her network is powerful and built upon years of experience and trust.