Board Search & Selection

Board searches for owners, families, nomination committees, & founders. Rachel is agile and has an outstanding ability to deliver results of high quality and to engage clients and candidates alike. Her board network is global and built on years of experience and trust. Clients are entrepreneurial, private equity, Corporate, family offices, and NGOs.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching up & coming NEDS, entrpreneurs, owners, investors, senior corporate executives making transition to active board work, holistic life/career coaching, Women back to work, Women senior executives, mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Board & Executive Assessment

Montagu offers boards in depth assessments using audits, references, interviews, and collaborates with the following highly qualified and carefully selected partners and associates
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Rachel Montagu-Pettersen

25 years of building professional services, headhunting, advisory, and consulting in Europe, US and Nordics.

Rachel Montagu coaches leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, up & comings internationally.  She runs board searches on behalf of owners with dedication to quality, results, and often tight deadlines.  Her network is powerful and built upon years of experience and trust. Entrepreneurial, Private Equity, Charities, Family offices, Private and Corporate, and entertainment.
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Consulting, coaching and connecting.

Rachel is a Qualified IDP-C International Director in Corporate Governance from INSEAD; She holds a Masters in Business and and Executive MBA from ESCP-EAP, Paris, Master Class in Private Equity from London Business School and is a member of ICF (international coaching federation).

She has successfully built a strong international network in business, politics, entertainment, and supports the charitable work of the Royal Household in the UK. She is a mentor for the Prince's Trust.  Rachel has built her own portfolio of board roles and investments. A valued Ambassador for the Nordics for IDN, INSEAD, Headtalks,  and a trusted advisor to investors on their board composition and succesion planning. A spokesperson for female leadership.  Dedicated to inspiring young talent to reach their full potential. Rachel values integrity, ethics, diversity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to help all her clients reach a best outcome. 

With over 20 years working with in Executive Search and Private Equity she has built an extensive network across the Nordics, UK and internationally. In 2013 she was voted as one of the up & coming most powerful 100 women in Norway.

Ambassador Nordics


Over 20 years of building professional services, headhunting Nordics, Europe, US and Asia-Pacific


Rachel Montagu-Pettersen

How do new owners start changing a culture?

Research has proven indicative that to create a change in culture the carrot stick methodology of gain versus pain does not bring about lasting change.

The positive psychological approach helps foster an environment open to engaging in change but if there is a hint of doubt that it is a tool that is being used to influence the individual to change their behaviour, then the individual will most likely feel abused.  The systematic result is that the willingness of the individual to change is predominantly reduced and in some instances can lead to rebellion and destructive behaviour.

When you are met with resistance and you cha...

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Member of the ICF

The ICF is the most recognized global and largest community of professional coaches. Members are committed to upholding ethics, best practice and represent the highest quality of professional coaching.

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