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Real mechanism for corporate governance is active involvement of owners.
Adding value to society through coaching, consulting, connecting individuals, leaders and corporations whilst supporting them in transformation, in making good decisions, resourcefully and responsibly. "Corporate governance is concerned with holding the balance between economic and social goals and between individual and communal goals. The governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. The aim is to align as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporations and society." My aim is to contribute to an increase in female leadership role models in the boardroom, founders and in leadership positions.  I support and encourage female entrepreneurship. Understanding that diversity is key and that men have an important pivotal role as valued partners. I believe in the value of every individual and the beauty in discovering and living one's purpose.
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Board Search & Selection

Focus is on advising and supporting owners, government agencies,  and organizations with building well functioning effective diverse boards.  Nearly 20 years of operating in the Nordics and internationally, a champion for thought leadership in Corporate Governance.